Medical Benefits Fund

Administrative Circular N° 2304  

This Administrative Circular, published in French only and dated 17 December 2007, was distributed in February 2008.  It contains an error and an omission.

An error concerns the sub-titles of the fourth and fifth columns of the annexed reimbursement scale which should read respectively:

  • («  France métropolitaine ») instead of (« Zone Euro ») ; and
  • (« Monde entier sauf France métropolitaine ») instead of (« Monde entier sauf zone euro »).

The omission concerns the maximum reimbursement of optical lenses (E.1), dental expenses (H.1) and dental prosthesis (H.2) which can still be cumulated over two years, as before.

The attention of the MBF Secretariat has been drawn to this error and omission which shall be corrected in the leaflet of the new MBF Rules under preparation.