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City of Design Kobe
Producer(s): Kobe Japan. Copyright: ©2010 Kobe Japan.  All rights reserved
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Latest additions

Summer 2018
OSD Para Crianças
The purpose of the series OSD Para Crianças (Sustainable Development Goals for Children) is to raise awareness about the importance of education for sustainable development (ESD). The series are aimed at children aged seven to 11 years old and their school community. They are the result of a partnership between UNESCO Brazil and the Brazilian ministries of Education and Environment.

Spring 2018
TVET, Conflict prevention, Culture and Development, Ethnology, Art Education...
Our latest additions cover a wide range of subjects, such as the rehabilitation of the education system in Somalia, the exploration of Silk Road sites in the Caucasian region, art education initiatives and media literacy activities for children, amongst others. This selection is still developing, therefore the the number of items will increase during the next few weeks

Winter 2017
Inscriptions on the Intangible Heritage Lists 2017
The twelfth session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage took place in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, from Monday 4 to Saturday 9 December 2017. Over the six days, the twenty-four members of the Committee discussed important issues for the safeguarding of living heritage around the world and inscribed over 40 elements on the lists.
Twelfth session of the Committee

Autumn 2017
Lifelong Learning and Cultural Heritage Preservation
This newly digitized material is composed of two series. One of the series, Les jardins du paroxyme, proposes the visit of some of the world's most beautiful gardens. The second series, Aprender sin Fronteras, is composed of instructional documentaries produced by UNESCO in the late 1990s as a contribution to the eradication of poverty


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