Cantos de Trabajo de Llano Colombovenozolanos / Colombian-Venezuelan Llano Work Songs
Cantos de Trabajo de Llano Colombovenozolanos / Colombian-Venezuelan Llano Work Songs
BY: Jhon E. Moreno Riaño; Celso Norberto Ramos. Producer(s): Benito Iradi. Co-producer(s): Colombia. Ministerio de Cultura; Venezuela. Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura.  ©2016 UNESCO;  Colombia. Ministerio de Cultura;  Venezuela. Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura.  All rights reserved
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October 2010
Partnerships for a Better Future
A selection of video-clips that shows the impact of the actions of UNESCO and its partners around the world in the areas of cultural heritage, disaster relief, protection of copyright, the environment and the protection of biosphere reserves, as well as digital and social integration, among other subjects.

September 2010
The Fight Against Illicit Traffic and the Return of Cultural Property
As issues surrounding the return of cultural properties command worldwide media attention and debate, UNESCO continues to call on States and art dealers to cooperate in a spirit of respect for cultural heritage, particularly when it concerns religious beliefs and human remains.
Millennium Development Goals: culture for development

Summer 2010
Communication and Development from UNESCO Bangkok
A selection of interviews and documentaries that illustrates the impact of UNESCO's programmes across the Asia-Pacific region. The films also constitute a window into Thai's way of life and discuss issues such as educational policies, disaster management, freedom of the press...
UNESCO Bangkok's Public Information services

May - June 2010
UNESCO/NHK World Heritage
The UNESCO-NHK World Heritage 100 Collection (see February 2009 below) is now complete. You can consult over 900 short films, in six languages, about the world heritage sites.


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