Memoria de una Hija de Oshún
Memoria de una Hija de Oshún
BY: Maria Torrellas. Producer(s): Resumen Latinoamericano TV, Urugay. Co-producer(s): UNESCO Havana.  ©2009 Resumen Latinoamericano TV, Urugay;  UNESCO.  All rights reserved
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May 2009
HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention
In many societies, discussion with young people on subjects such as HIV/AIDS remains taboo, owing mainly to the fact that the disease is often linked to sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, inequity in gender relations and prostitution. These films help bridge that communication gap by promoting innovative education programmes, by giving elders the chance to talk about the values behind the traditions they want to preserve, as well as by letting young people sing their message free and loud.

April 2009
Communication, gender, development
Women's lives in Afghanistan after the Taliban. The past, present and cultural diversity of indigenous peoples from different regions of the world... Customs, traditions and creative works in the Andean region? A training course on how to use a camera or, even better, how to "grasp" and describe reality? We're confident you will find this collection of communication and information subjects we are currently working on both rich and useful!

March 2009
Education: Interviews on Literacy and the UN Literacy Decade
How to better match community organizations’ fieldwork with the needs of the private sector so as to generate a literate, skilled workforce? What sort of help do developing countries need to effectively promote literacy practices? And how to further encourage innovative education policies?

This set of interviews with politicians and educational experts from around the world tries to answer these questions, and then some

February 2009
UNESCO-NHK World Cultural Heritage Film Collection
Over 900 films on the world's cultural heritage, produced by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and UNESCO, has been added to the Archives. Subjects range from the Cathédrale d' Amiens (France) to the Yellowstone National Park (USA), passing through Timgad (Algeria), Himeji-Jo (Japan),or the Maramures Churches in Romania. The videos offer an inside look to these outstanding masterpieces of the cultural heritage.
NHK's Journeys in Japan


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