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November 2011
Creative Cities Network
"Creative Cities" is a network that aims at developing international cooperation among cities and encouraging them to drive joint development partnerships in line with UNESCO’s global priorities of culture and development and sustainable development.
Why join the network?

October 2011
Protection and Promotion of the Cultural Heritage of Pakistan
With the support of the Government of Norway, UNESCO is undertaking a major initiative in the North West Frontier province of Pakistan, mapping out cultural resources and knowledge systems from traditional arts and crafts to agricultural practices.

September 2011
Right to Information and Development
As this collection of videos shows, guaranteeing freedom of expression is a way to encourage mutual knowledge and understanding among people. Facilitating this process is also one of UNESCO's aims.
Freedom of expression and democracy

Summer 2011
Access to Information and Knowledge
We are pleased to announce that the whole audiovisual collection belonging to the Communication and Information sector has been transferred to the Multimedia Archives. This set of some 200 audio and video resources covers topics such as access to information, skills development for critical reception, media instruction, information literacy programmes and creative content.
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