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As sete reformas necessárias ao século XXI - Edgar Morin. Photo: © UNOPS. Le Comité Scientifique pour la Coopération ou Développement Humain
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As sete reformas necessárias ao século XXI - Edgar Morin

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Idioma(s): Português

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In this video, Edgar Morin proposes seven inseparable reforms - economic reform, social reform, political reform, ethical reform, reform of knowledge, of education, and of the way of life - in order to explore ways to reach for a new kind of society.

According to Morin, "[...] we have a common destiny that should unite us, that should turn us solidary and that should transform us into citizens of Planet Earth. For the first time in the history of mankind there is the possibility of unity - a unity in diversity, a peaceful unity. It means the possibility to make a truly new phase in the future of humanity".

Morin also proposes a work that consists of reporting the main types of these reforms, in other words, of reporting all kinds of initiatives that create solidarity, but to report it in its original stage, isolated, separated, divided; and then to reunite these reforms formulating ways and showing that each one of these ways already have potential to create a new model for living.

Lugar/País: France
Tipo: Interview
Créditos: Edgar Morin, interviewee.
UNOPS Le Comité Scientifique pour la Coopération ou Développement Humain, producer. UNESCO Bureau of Strategic Planning, co-producer ; UNESCO Brasila, co-producer.
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