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Language: Baka, Gabon. ©Discovery 2004
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Language: Baka, Gabon

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Language(s): Bashkira

Summary/Historical Context

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The Baka in Gabon form a group of forest people living in the northern border area to Cameroon. They are part of the large group of Baka found in Southwest Cameroon and Northeast of Congo Brazzaville. They migrated to Gabon in recent history. Like other groups of African pygmies (Efe, Sua, Aka, Babenzele, etc.), the Baka are traditionally nomadic, even though they are undergoing a process of slow sedentarization under the influence of multiple factors, such as massive deforestation, which deprives them of the natural and symbolic resources essential for their biological and cultural survival. The language of the Baka is Ubangian-based in contrast to other forest people groups in Gabon, whose languages are Bantu-based.

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Place/country: Gabon
Series: Connecting through culture- Celebrating diversity
Type: Documentary
Credits: Discovery Channel, producer. UNWorks, co-producer.
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