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Connecting Delta Cities. ©Frank Lodder 2009
Connecting Delta Cities

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Also called "Connecting Delta Cities. New York, Rotterdam, Jakarta, Alexandria. About global coastal cities and future challenges", this films addresses the huge challenges and dangers that cities and places as different as Greenland, Jakarta, Rotterdam and New York are facing. Their problems, the film insists, are global and can be tackled more efficiently with an exchange of knowledge and intensive cooperation.

The film also exists in a 42-minutes version

Place/region Arctic, Greenland, Indonesia, Netherlands, United States of America, North America, Asia and the Pacific, Europe
Type: Documentary
Authors and personalities: Ellen Davids, director.
Production: Rode Vis Producties, producer. CPWC, sponsor ; UNESCO-IHE, sponsor ; SWITCH Project, sponsor ; City of Rotterdam, sponsor ; Rotterdam Climate Initiative Climate Proof, sponsor.
Published in:
Rights/Droits: CPWC; UNESCO-IHE; SWITCH Project; City of Rotterdam; Rotterdam Climate Initiative Climate Proof

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