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Qowato al haya -  the life force (Arabic). ©sunpower.jpgCopyright: ©2006
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Qowato al haya - the life force (Arabic)
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Language(s): عربى

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This story talks about a child who lives with his grandfather at the top of a hill, this child has a super power granted by the sun, the sun gives this child the energy that helps to change things.The grandfather works hard, as well as he urges his grandson to work hard and be dynamic, so that he knows the key to success.One day When the child got back from planting and harvesting the farm, he found that his grandfather has just died, he tried to revive the potential energy from the sun, but did not succeed so he realized that life would last only through hard work, and has to rely on himself and for his diligence, not on what given to him by nature.

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Place/Country: Syria
Type: Performing arts
Author/Personalities: Lina El Kilani, director.
Production: Birzeit University, Palestine, producer. Arab Writers Union, Syria, co-producer.
Published in:
Rights/Droits: Birzeit University, Palestine; UNESCO

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