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Iraq: Living and Dying for Journalism
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Iraq: Living and Dying for Journalism

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Summary/Historical Context

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Freedom of the press
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Regardless of its vibrant media scene, Iraq is one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists. This film, broadcasted during the 43rd edition of the 21st Century Show produced by the United Nations Television, highlights the dangers faced by journalists while performing their job in the country. The elections in 2010 once again heightened the risks for media professionals, who are the targets of threats and deadly attacks coming from militia groups, security forces, political parties and criminals. Four Iraqi journalists share their testimonies, illustrating the pressures and violence they have endured, which have not deterred them from pursuing their role of informing others. The video also refers to UNESCO´s actions to ensure the safety of journalists, promote press freedom and freedom of the press in Iraq.

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Place/country: Iraq
Type: Documentary
Credits: Francis Mead, director. UNTV, producer.
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