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Al-Zubarah - Pearl of the Past. ©UNESCO Doha 2011
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Al-Zubarah - Pearl of the Past

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Summary/Historical Context

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in the 18th and 19th century, pearl trade was the main source of income in the Gulf region. One of the main centres for this industry was located in Qatar, in the town of Al-Zubara. Now, archaeologists are trying to reveal the rest of Al-Zubara lying beneath the sand.

"Pearl of the Past" is a documentary of the only completely remaining pearling settlement in the world, which was the economic and business centre of the Qatari peninsula 200 years ago.

on this subject: Al Zubarah Archaeological Site (

Place/Country: Qatar
Type: Documentary
Credits: Tobias Stössel, director ; Yaser Al-Huthi, director. Hochchule Owl, producer ; Media Production, producer ; UNESCO Doha, producer. Benno Böer, co-producer ; Frank Lechtenberg, co-producer.
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