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Sea Change (4 min.). ©GOOS 2011
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Sea Change (4 min.)

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The deep circulation of the oceans controls the weather and climate of the earth by moving heat, generating storms and controlling rainfall and droughts. Until very recently the deep ocean remained invisible to scientists, but now the science of our seas is undergoing a revolution, thanks to a vast array of floating oceanic robots known as Argo. The IOC and the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) was instrumental in the development of this transformative observing system.

This film, based on a BBC episode of Earth Reporters, follows Dr Susan Wijffels, one of the world's foremost oceanographers, and chair of IOC science advisory groups, as she and her colleagues work with the IOC to maintain this essential ocean observing system.

This documentary is also available in 25 min. versions (link below)

on this subject: Watch Sea Change, full version

Place/Country: Various countries
Type: Promotional material
Credits: Jessica Edwards, director. Susan Wijffels, participant ; Dean Roemmich, participant.
GOOS, producer ; UNESCO IOC, producer ; Earth Reporter, producer. Television Trust for the Environment, co-producer ; Open University, co-producer.
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