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Learning World - Fisherwomen. ©Euronews 2011
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Learning World - Fisherwomen

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Summary/Historical Context

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"Fisherwomen", takes us to Senegal where women buy fish and shellfish straight from the fishing boats, wash them, dry them, and sell them for a living. But their lives have changed in the last three years. Since 2007, UNESCO and the Senegalese Ministries for Education and Fisheries have been running training courses for these women. The aim was not only to teach the reading, writing and maths, but also to improve hygiene, packaging and storing of the fish in order to increase profits

This video is a television report for the Euronews series "Leaning World".

Place/country: Senegal,
Type: Video report
Credits: Euronews, publisher ;
Published in: 2011

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