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Water, the Drop of Life. ©IHE, the Netherlands 2003
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Water, the Drop of Life

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Summary/Historical Context

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Water is essential to life in all it wondrous forms, and the availability or scarcity of clean freshwater has determined the course of human civilization around the globe. Humankind has always mythologised and worshipped water, and yet, as Swanson and his contributors--including such concerned leaders as the Dalai Lama, Kofi Annan, Queen Noor, and Jimmy Carter; writer Isabel Allende and actor and activist Ted Danson--remind readers, many of us take it utterly for granted. We also assume that nature can withstand or straighten out any mess we make, which is one reason we call it Mother Nature.

This is a package of four CD-Rom produced for the International Decade for Action 'Water for Life'.

Place/Country: Worlwide
Type: Documentary
Extract: 3 min.
Credits: Dalai Lama, participant ; Kofi Annan, participant ; Queen Noor, participant ; Jimmy Carter, participant ; Isabel Allende, participant ; Ted Danson, participant.
Swynk, producer. UNESCO, co-producer ; Cap-Net, co-producer ; Tiwe, co-producer ; World Bank, co-producer ; UNU INWEH, co-producer.
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