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Women Marine Scientists Share their Stories: Savithri (Savi) Narayanan. ©UNESCO-IOC 2012
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Women Marine Scientists Share their Stories: Savithri (Savi) Narayanan

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Maritime sciences

Women that have dedicated their lives to marine sciences and to the protection of the marine environment have agreed to share their stories, and to help us understand how UNESCO-IOC can work together with them in the promotion of gender equality. Through this project, we hope to encourage young women to pursue careers in science and in particular, science related to the ocean.
In this video, Dr. Savithri (Savi) Narayanan, Dominion Hydrographer and Director General, Canadian Hydrographic Service, Department of fisheries and Oceans (Canada), tells us how she came to get involved in marine science.

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Place/country: Canada
Type: Interview
Credits: Savithri Narayanan, interviewee.
UNESCO IOC, producer.
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