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UNESCO Studies the Pulaar Culture -HIV & AIDS prevention. ©UNESCO 2006
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UNESCO Studies the Pulaar Culture -HIV & AIDS prevention

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Summary/Historical Context

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Since the mid 80's governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations have joined efforts in the fight against AIDS. However, it became evident that despite massive action to inform the public about the risks, behavioural changes were not occurring as expected.

This DVD, produced whithin the joint UNESCO/UNAIDS project, "A Cultural Approach to HIV and AIDS Prevention and Care", is composed of the following two parts:

- Courtship and Marriage in the Pulaar Tradition
It tells the story of Souleymane, a young and peaceful Pulaar goat herder whose parents tell him that the time has come for him to have a wife. He is very happy and shows no resistance. His aunt Kadja is chosen to go ask for the hand of her cousin who is still a child. The parents of the future bride accept the proposal and the preparation of the marriage begins.

- Oral History by Pulaar Elders (shown above):
In Fouta, marriage is a sacred event. The woman has a very important place in their society. Both men and women are responsible for being faithful in their relationships and preserving their heritage. Yet as times change, this tradition is seriously challenged...

on this subject: UNESCO BREDA (Dakar office)

Place/country: Senegal
Type: Documentary
Extract: 7 min. Total length:
Credits: UNESCO Dakar, producer.
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