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Soils. ©Pace Project 2005
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Summary/Historical Context

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Soil works hard for us every year, growing our food, but are we giving it what it needs to survive? Without shelter, harsh sunlight bakes the soil, and torrential rains wash it away. Without food - new inputs of organic matter - soil loses its nutrients. We must feed it well for it to feed us well. Fortunately, there are many things people can do to help soil restore and keep its fertility

Featured videos:
- Soils: Introduction
- Compost and Mulch: a video about this method
- Natural Pest Control: controlling pest by natural means
- Conservation Tilling,
- Green Manure: Showing how the method works
- Agroforestry: a short video about nitrogen fixing trees and improved fallows
- Permaculture: organic composting, growing vegs and mulching

on this subject: PACE Project: soils

Place/Country: South Africa, Zambia
Type: Documentary
Credits: PACE Project, Tusk and Siren Conservation Education, producer. Food and Trees for Africa, co-producer ; South Africa, co-producer ; WCS Comaco Project, co-producer ; Zambia, co-producer ; Toronto School, co-producer ; South Africa, co-producer.
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Rights/Droits: UNESCO; PACE Project

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