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Forests. ©Pace Project 2005
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Summary/Historical Context

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More than 15 million people across Africa depend on forests for their livelihoods, chopping them down for fuel, or to sell as timber. These short videos show how people in Africa are managing trees and forests for the future, whether for food, income or the environment

Featured videos:
- Forests: Introduction
- Trees and Business: a story told by Mhanda Mabula from Tanzania
- Trees and Farming: Anthony and Agnes Katakwa, also from Tanzania tell us how they go about them
- Land Regeneration: a forest re-establishment: Shinyanga
- Micro credit and Alternative Tree Products: a short story about micro credit, fruit harvesting from wild sources and oil extracting
- Good Woods: the Good Woods Project, Kenya

on this subject: PACE Project: Forests

Place/Country: Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia
Type: Documentary
Production: PACE Project, Tusk and Siren Conservation Education, producer. Nafrac, Tanzania, co-producer ; WCS Comaco Project, Zambia, co-producer ; WWF East Africa, Kenya, co-producer.
Published in:
Rights/Droits: UNESCO; PACE Project

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