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Urban Living. ©Pace Project 2005
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Urban Living

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Summary/Historical Context

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The challenges of urban living include getting enough clean water, fresh food and sustainable energy whilst finding safe and efficient ways to deal with the waste produced by millions of people

Featured videos:

- Urban Living: Introduction
- Recycling Rubbish: A short video about recycling and the production of fuel briquettes from charcoal dust
- Urban Greening: deals with green solutions and agriculture
- Recycling Plastic: short movie about weaving plastic bags
- Ecosan Toilets: deals with ecological sanitation for cities
- Recycling Paper: a video about recycling and papier mache

on this subject: Pace Project: Urban living

Place/country: South Africa, Tanzania
Type: Documentary
Credits: PACE Project, Tusk and Siren Conservation Education, producer. Kenya. City Garbage Recyclers, co-producer ; Food Garden Foundation, co-producer ; Food and Trees for Africa, co-producer ; Sesho, co-producer ; So Afr Eco Women's Group, co-producer ; EEPCO, co-producer ; Leratong crèche, co-producer.
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