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Mothers on Wheels. ©Cine Ojo 2006
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Mothers on Wheels

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Monica got ill by polyomielitis at the age of seven, during one of the national epidemics in 1957. Although illness confined her to a wheelchair, even with great difficulties in the movement of her arms and legs, she managed to become an English teacher, working privately at home. Inspite of her great physical limitations and confronting serious risks she became a mother at age of 39, fourteen years ago.

In 1981, she met filmmaker Mario Piazza and they have produced a documentary that showed "what disabled people are able to do". When Monica became a mother to Mario's daughter six years later, she felt the need to create a new documentary, this time about herself and her colleagues, the "mothers on wheels".

This documentary is part of the DVD "Revisiting Public Service Television" (disponible aquí)

Lugar/País: Argentina
Tipo: Documentary
Extracto: 5 min. Duración total:
Créditos: Mario Piaza, director. Monica Chirife, participant.
Cine Ojo, producer. UNESCO-ICT@PBST, co-producer ; Centro Audiovisual Rosario, co-producer ; Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales, co-producer.
Publicado en:
Catálogo biblioteca (UNESDOC): 147385

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