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Meena. ©UNESCO 2005

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Language(s): English

Summary/Historical Context

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Rohan, a 12-year-old boy, has skipped school. He hates homework and has possibly not done his work today as well. In general, he seems to be fed up of taking instructions from everyone, so he decides to take a break. He accidentally encounters Meena, a girl who picks rags, and her brother. Through Meena, Rohan is introduced to another world that is far beyond his own. He is curious and tries to explore this 'other' world in his own innocent ways.

Meena's eagerness to learn to read and write makes Rohan realize the worth of his own education and in his own small ways, tries to pass on some of his knowledge to her.

This fiction is part of the DVD Revisiting Public Service Television (consult it here)

Place/region India, Asia and the Pacific
Type: Docufiction
Authors and personalities: Jasmine Kaur, director. Avinash Roy, participant.
Production: Wanderlust Films, producer.Michel Gelinas, producer.UNESCO-ICT@PBST, sponsor.
Published in:
Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 147385

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