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Strategies and Tactics in the Struggle for Civil and Human Rights. ©JFK Library and Museum 2002
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Strategies and Tactics in the Struggle for Civil and Human Rights

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Excerpt of an address by reverend Jesse Jackson during the conference "Strategies and Tactics in the Struggle for Civil and Human Rights" at the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library -18 November 2002.

Excerpt note: reverend Jackson makes a slip of the tongue at the beginning of this segment when he refers to UNESCO as "UNICEF".

"We went around the South giving speeches, holding up the UNESCO study [on race], saying that blacks were not inferior. A world body had studied and concluded that we were not inferior. It was a big deal. UNESCO, a world body - not some Southern segregated school, not some Southern governor, not even the President - UNESCO said we were not inferior.”

Place/Country: United States of America
Type: Speech
Credits: Jesse Jackson, speaker. JFK Library and Museum, producer.
Published in:
Rights/Droits: CC-BY-SA

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