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The Mediterranean Diet. ©UNESCO 2012
The Mediterranean Diet

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Summary/Historical Context

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The Mediterranean diet involves a set of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols and traditions concerning crops, harvesting, fishing, animal husbandry, conservation, processing, cooking, and particularly the sharing and consumption of food. Eating together is the foundation of the cultural identity and continuity of communities throughout the Mediterranean basin. The Mediterranean diet emphasizes values of hospitality, neighbourliness, intercultural dialogue and creativity and plays a vital role in cultural spaces, festivals and celebrations, bringing together people of all ages, conditions and social classes.

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Place/region Mediterranean region, Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, North Africa, Europe
Series: 2013 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Authors and personalities: Carlos Fraga, director.
Production: Livermejo producoes Lda, producer. Camara Municipal de Tavira, sponsor.
Published in:
Rights/Droits: Câmara Municipal de Tavira

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