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Qalisuyan Rituals of Mashad-e Ardehal in Kasan. ©ICHHTO 2012
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Qalisuyan Rituals of Mashad-e Ardehal in Kasan

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Summary/Historical Context

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Qalisuyan rituals are practised in Iran to honour the memory of Soltan Ali, a holy figure among the people of Kasan and Fin. According to legend, he was martyred, and his body found and carried in a carpet to a stream, where it was washed and buried by the people of Fin and Xave. Today, Soltan Ali mausoleum is the site of a ritual where a carpet is washed in the holy stream by a huge gathering. It takes place on the nearest Friday to the seventeenth day of the month of Mehr, according to the solar-agricultural calendar. In the morning, people of Xave gather at the mausoleum to sprinkle rosewater on the carpet. Having completed the wrapping rituals, they deliver it to the people of Fin outside, who rinse the carpet in running water, and sprinkle rosewater drops with neatly cut and beautifully decorated wooden sticks. The carpet is then returned to the mausoleum.

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Place/Country: Iran
Series: 2012 Inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Credits: Amir Maqami, director. Iranian Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, producer.
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