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Sounds from Mongolian Grasslands: Oral traditions and Performing Atrs in Mongolia. ©ICHCAP 2011
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Sounds from Mongolian Grasslands: Oral traditions and Performing Atrs in Mongolia
(Audio recording)

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Language(s): Mongolian

Summary/Historical Context

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A CD collection on Mongolian Epics, tales and legends, benedictions, odes, folk performing arts, Shamanic and Buddhist heritage, folk long songs, folk short songs and storytelling.
The recording are composed of restored analogue sound on Mongolian intangible cultural heritage collected since the 1950s by the Institute of Language and Literature in Mongolia.

This edition was published by UNESCO-ICHCAP (Republic of Korea), a UNESCO Category 2 Centre working toward the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in the Asia-Pacific region.

10 CD compose this element:
- Epics 1 **
- Epics 2
- Tales and Legends
- Benedictions
- Odes
- Folk Performing Arts
- Shamanic and Buddhist Heritage
- Folk Long Songs
- Folk Short Songs
- Storytelling

** Here above, an excerpt from Epics 1: Veteran Tsagaan Uvgun, Argil Tsagaan Uvgun B. Avirmed (Uriankhai ethnicity) from Duut, Khovd. (1972)

NOTE: you can listen to the full content on the 10 CDs by visiting the link below

on this subject: Sounds from Mongolian Grasslands (

Place/Country: Mongolia
Type: Performing arts
Extract: 9 min.
Credits: UNESCO-ICHCAP, producer. Mongolia. Institute of Language and Literature, Academy of Sciences, co-producer.
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