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Process of Periodic Reporting

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Summary/Historical Context

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Periodic Reporting exercise, a statutory requirement prescribed by the World Heritage Convention invites the States Parties to report on how they have implemented the Convention and where they have demonstrated the Outstanding Universal Value for which the site have been inscribed have been maintained over the period of time.
As the Second Cycle of the Periodic Reporting is now closed, the World Heritage Centre has collected feedback from some Focal Points and heritage experts to give their views and opinions on the exercise.
This video intends to showcase their experiences on the process of Periodic Reporting exercise in the Europe region.

on this subject: Periodic Reporting in Europe

Place/Country: Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UNESCO HQ
Type: Interview
Credits: Alexandra Fiebig, interviewee ; Laura de Miguel Riera, interviewee ; Evrim Ulusan, interviewee ; Rusudan Mirzkashvili, interviewee ; Gábor Soós, interviewee ; Isabelle Longuet, interviewee ; Olivier Martin, interviewee ; Birgitta Ringbeck, interviewee ; Stefan Wesman, interviewee.
UNESCO WHC, producer. Valentino Etowar, producer. Parc national des Pyrénées, co-producer.
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