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Roots of change: fighting poverty in Ghana. ©UNESCO 1998
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Roots of change: fighting poverty in Ghana

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Summary/Historical Context

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In Ghana, fighting poverty means giving people control to their own lives. This video depicts the work of the National Poverty Reduction Programme in Ghana, supported by UNDP, which aims at empowering people to transform their lives.

Examples from the programme vary from providing assistance for women to become self-sustainable and set up their own business, to the work of the Integrated Centre for Employable Skills providing vocational training for youth and adults, the improvement of slum life in Accra by means of a social investment fund providing loans for small businesses, improving methods of farming in the North of the country, involvement in community decision-making, tackling poverty at the grass roots level, self sustainability, and calling a halt to rural exodus.

Place/country: Ghana
Type: Documentary
Credits: Kwaku Quartey, director ; Ian Hazleton, director. Abu Azis, participant.
UNESCO, producer. Videomart, co-producer ; APTN, co-producer.
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