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Changing Climate, Moving People. ©UNESCO 2014
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Changing Climate, Moving People

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Summary/Historical Context

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This film was made following the National Workshop on Migration and Global Environmental Change held in Delhi in 2014 with support from the Government Office for Sciences (GOS), Foresight, United Kingdom. The film looks at disaster or climate
stress related migration in three different regions in the country – Uttarakhand, Bundelkhand and Odisha. These three states are already amongst the leading sources for internal migration and have been hit by extreme weather events like floods (Uttarakhand), drought (Bundelkhand region) and cyclones (Odisha), which are likely to become more common and even
stronger as a result of climate change.

Place/Country: India
Type: Documentary
Credits: Saransh Sugandh, director. Rini Khanna, participant. The Energy and Resource Institue (TERI), producer. Shaz Syed, producer ; Kanishka Singh, producer. UNESCO New Delhi, co-producer ; Government Office for Science, Foresight, United Kingdom, co-producer.
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Rights/Droits: UNESCO New Delhi

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