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Masters of the Sanaa Song in the First Musical Recording in Yemen
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Masters of the Sanaa Song in the First Musical Recording in Yemen
(Audio recording)

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Language(s): عربى, English

Summary/Historical Context

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Contenu du CD:

1-2: Azim al-shan - O Thou Who Art so Powerful
3-4: Harakil ahl al-hubb - O Beauties, o People of Love
5-6: Lillah ayam al-liqa - O God, to when the Days of Reunion? ** AVAILABLE HERE
7: Hamami amana ma dahak - Turtledove, who Destroyed you?
8-9: Qa; a;-mu anna samit al-tayr - The One who Suffers Said: I Heard a Bird Singing
10: Nasim balligh ila al-ghani - O Breeze Send to the Beauty
11: Li fi ruba Hajer ghuzayyil atla - I Have a Little Fawn
12: Ya shari al-barq min Tihama - O Flash of Lightening from Tihama
13: Ya Allah ya Rabb latif - O Lord Be Good to your Servant
14: Ya Hayy ya Qayyum - O Living God. O Almighty

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Type: Compilation
Extract: 3 min. Total length:
Credits: Ali Abu Bakr Ba Sharahil, performer ; Muhammad al-Mas, performer ; Saleh al-Antari, performer ; Muhammad Abd al-Rahman, performer ; Ahmad Awad al-Jarrash, performer ; Awad Abdallah al-Musallami, performer ; Ahmad Qa tabi, performer ; Qasim al-Akhfash, performer. Yemen Centre for Musical Heritage, producer. Centre francais d'archeologie et de sciences sociales de Sanaa, co-producer ; UNESCO, co-producer.
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