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Oselvarverkstaden: a project on building and use of Oselvar boats. ©UNESCO 2015
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Oselvarverkstaden: a project on building and use of Oselvar boats

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Summary/Historical Context

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Previously western Norway's main mode of transportation, also used for recreation, the wooden oselvar boat almost became obsolete with the introduction of modern boats in the 1940s, as well as government price restrictions and greater road transport. To help safeguard the practice, the non-profit boatyard and workshop foundation Oselvarverkstaden opened in 1997. It recruits apprentice boat builders, facilitates know-how on building techniques and attracts active builders providing them with infrastructure. So far, 85 boats have been built and 40 repaired.

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Place/Country: Norway
Series: 2016 selection of safeguarding programmes, projects and activities list
Type: Documentary
Author/Personalities: Vidar Langeland, director.
Production: Oselvarverkstaden, co-producer.
Published in:
Rights/Droits: Oselvarverkstaden

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