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Argungu International Fishing and Cultural Festival. ©UNESCO 2015
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Argungu International Fishing and Cultural Festival

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Summary/Historical Context

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Community participation

Every year in the north-west of Nigeria, communities participate in the Argungu International Fishing and Cultural Festival. The four day festival between February and March, features kabanci – water competitions including hand fishing, canoe racing, wild duck catching – and other traditional practices. Men and boys participate while women perform songs and dances. Considered a contributor to identity and means of maintaining peace between the Argungu and neighbouring Sokoto, knowledge on the tradition is transmitted within chieftaincies involved, families and via apprenticeship.

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Place/Country: Nigeria
Series: 2016 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Credits: Thasheez Productions, Nigeria, producer. Nigeria. Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, co-producer.
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