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Art of dry stone walling, knowledge and techniques. ©Branko Orbanić, 2011 2017
Art of dry stone walling, knowledge and techniques

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Summary/Historical Context

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The art of dry stone walling concerns the know-how of making stone constructions by stacking stones upon one another, without using any other materials except sometimes dry soil. Bearers include the rural communities where the practice is deeply rooted, as well as professionals in the construction business. Dry-stone structures have shaped numerous, diverse landscapes, forming various modes of dwelling, farming and husbandry. Such structures testify to the methods used by people from prehistory to today to organize their living and working space by optimizing local natural and human resources.

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Place/region Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Europe
Series: 2018 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Authors and personalities: Mira Audiovisual Vidéo édition, director.
Production: Mira Audiovisual, producer.
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