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World Social Sciences Report 2010. ©UNESCO 2010
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World Social Sciences Report 2010

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Summary/Historical Context

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"The 2010 Report will provide a comprehensive review of the state of the social sciences in the world : analyze some of the most critical global problems confronting humanity, as perceived by renowned specialists from different social science disciplines. Provide a detailed description of the organization of social science production in different regions of the world, with an emphasis on issues confronted; review the different factors that contribute to the depletion of national capacities, including brain drain; analyse the inequalities in knowledge production that result from major inequalities in capacity across regions and countries. Review the impact of internationalization of the social sciences, the homogenization trends as well as possible alternatives to existing hegemonies; discuss the divides and bridges between disciplines; and identifies new trends in social science themes, methods and disciplines; assess the impact of the recent trends in assessment and funding which tend to emphasize competition in social science production; analyse the relationship between social scientists, policy-makers and society at large make concrete proposals for tackling existing challenges.

Place/Country: UNESCO HQ
Type: Interview
Credits: UNESCO TV, producer. UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector, co-producer.
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