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Khoomei: a Cultural Phenomenon of the Peoples of Central Asia. ©UNESCO 2009
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Khoomei: a Cultural Phenomenon of the Peoples of Central Asia

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Summary/Historical Context

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Khoomey (throat singing), the "Cultural Phenomenon of the Peoples of Central Asia", contains material about the history of study of Tuvan Khoomei, the significance of Tuvan Khoomei in musical culture of Tuvans, its styles and varieties, as well as female khoomey and ensemble performance.

on this subject: L'art mongol du chant Khoomei

Place/country: China, Mongolia, Russian Federation
Type: Performing arts
Extract: 5 min. Total length:
Credits: The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Republic of Tuva, Russian Federation, publisher ; International Scientific Center Khoomei, publisher. UNESCO Moscow, producer ;

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