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Jadatai tali endena - My grandma, come over (Arabic). ©bear_320x240.jpg 2006
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Jadatai tali endena - My grandma, come over (Arabic)
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Language(s): عربى

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This story talks about a small girl who asked her grandmother to visit. Her grandmother promised that she will come on her birthday and will get her a great gift. The girl insisted to know what the gift was but the grandmother told her that she will get a bear with a snout.

The child was astonished and said: "A bear with a snout? The elephant has a snout grandma not the bear". And thus the grandma started telling her incorrect information about animals and the girl was correcting her grandmother's information.

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Place/Country: Palestine
Type: Docufiction
Credits: Fatheya el Tabari, director. Birzeit University, Palestine, producer.
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