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The Gardener, the Boss and the Gardener's Son
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The Gardener, the Boss and the Gardener's Son

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Summary/Historical Context

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The story was a result of meetings organised by the Ministry of Education in Thailand which brought the students from different schools together for discussions and debate, as well as interaction with a filmmaker who helped in the technical aspects of shooting and editing the film. It was shot on holiday at a local school, with the children acting out the roles.

The Power of Peace Network (PPN) is a UNESCO-backed effort to bring together media-professionals and others interested in promoting peace through understanding, on a website dedicated to this purpose.

on this subject: PPN Second Global Forum in Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand, 28-30 October 2009

Place/country: Thailand,
Type: Docufiction
Credits: Secretariat of the Thai National Commission for UNESCO (publisher), The Ministry of Education in Thailand (producer).

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