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Sava Suite - The River's Dream Band. ©Sava River Commission 2011
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Sava Suite - The River's Dream Band
(Audio recording)

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Summary/Historical Context

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The project A River's Dream came to life as an idea in the year 2010, celebrated as the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures by the United Nations system. For its promoters, a River had to be seen as a route for cultural exchanges and Music as a vector for mutual respect. Hence, in the frame of the overall enlargement process of the European Union, A River's Dream intends to promote folk music, an intangible cultural heritage, as a means of reconciliation, regional and cross-border cooperation and, a vehicle of cultural identity and diversity as well as of mutual understanding.

This CD contains 27 songs; the one you listen here is called 'Watching the river flow".

List of Titles
1. The River; 2. Watching the river flow; 3. The river #2; 4. Dance on the ledge; 5. The river #3; 6. Wind of water; 7. Skorosavska; 8. Green leaves; 9.Wind on the water; 10.The river #4; 11.Long may yoy run; 12.Longer boats; 13.Talk to the wind; 14.The river#5; 15.Drmes; 16.Wind on the water 3; 17.Nesavka; 18.A moveable feast; 19.The river#6; 20.Birds on the shore; 21.Trans-O-Cis; 22.The river; 23.Swamp; 24.The big river; 253.Cis-O-Trans; 26.Green leaves reprise; 27.The river reprise

on this subject: A River's Dream. The CD Sava Suite released

Place/Country: Italy, Slovenia
Type: Music video.CD.cassette
Extract: 3 min. Total length:
Credits: Alberto Grollo, author. River's Dream Band, performer. UNESCO Venice Office, producer ; Folkest, producer. Civiltà dell'Acqua, co-producer.
Published in:
Rights/Droits: UNESCO; Folkest

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