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Traditional knowledge of the jaguar shamans of Yuruparí. ©UNESCO 2010
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Traditional knowledge of the jaguar shamans of Yuruparí

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The jaguar shamans of Yuruparí are the common heritage of the many ethnic groups living along the Pirá Paraná River in southeastern Colombia. Using traditional knowledge and ritual practices, the shamans heal, prevent sickness and revitalize nature. During the Hee Biki ritual, male children learn the traditional guidelines for these practices as a part of their passage into adulthood. It is believed that shamans inherited their traditional knowledge from the all-powerful, mythical Yuruparí, an anaconda who lived as a human and is embodied in sacred trumpets.

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Lugar/País: Colombia
Series: 2010 Inscriptions on the Representative List
Tipo: Documentary
Créditos: 4 Direcciones, producer.
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Rights/Droits: © 2010 ACAIPI; Fundación Gaia Amazonas. 4 Direcciones Audiovisual. National Geographic T.V.

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