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Traditional craftsmanship of Mongol Ger and its associated customs. ©UNESCO 2011
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Traditional craftsmanship of Mongol Ger and its associated customs

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Summary/Historical Context

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The Ger is the traditional dwelling of Mongolia's nomadic people and where most of their rituals and traditions take place. Made of a wooden frame, canvas and ropes, the Ger is portable, stable, comfortable, secure, resilient during earthquakes and weatherproof. The inside is furnished with light, portable furniture and a centrally placed stove. Many traditional craftspeople produce pieces that complete the Ger, including carpenters, painters, and makers of felt, rope, belts, canvas, and curtains. Young artisans are trained through home-based apprenticeships provided by experienced elders.

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Place/Country: Mongolia
Series: 2011 Inscriptions on the Urgent Safeguarding List
Type: Documentary
Credits: Traditional Craftsmanship of the Mongol Ger-L.Ganbaatar, producer.
Published in:
Rights/Droits: © 2011 by Luvsangombo GANBAATAR

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