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Eshuva, Harákmbut sung prayers of Peru's Huachipaire people. ©UNESCO 2010
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Eshuva, Harákmbut sung prayers of Peru's Huachipaire people

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The Huachipaire are an indigenous ethnic group speaking the Harákmbut language and living in Peru's southern Amazon tropical forest. The Eshuva or sung prayer is an expression of Huachipaire religious myths, performed for healing or as part of traditional ceremonies. According to oral tradition, the Eshuva songs were learned directly from the forest's animals, and are sung to summon nature spirits to help to alleviate illness or discomfort or promote well-being. Performed without musical instruments Eshuva songs are sung only in the Harákmbut language.

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Lugar/País: Peru
Series: 2011 Inscriptions on the Urgent Safeguarding List
Tipo: Documentary
Créditos: Uriel Palomino, director. INC, producer.
Publicado en:
Rights/Droits: INC

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