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Video Training Basics 2 - Documenting Reality. ©UNESCO 1970
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Video Training Basics 2 - Documenting Reality

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Language(s): English, Pусский

Summary/Historical Context

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What is the 'reality' we create and why? Every shot has a point of view... why do we document it? This film explores the way reality is constructed and attempts to articulate the processes that go into establishing the camera's viewpoint as the reality that inevitably translates into the spectator's version of reality, as it exists, out there, waiting to be absorbed, unchanged and unquestioned. The film delves into why and how certain 'truths' are created and legitimised.

on this subject: Documenting Reality: What is the 'reality' we create and why?

Place/Country: India
Type: Documentary
Extract: 2 min. Total length:
Credits: Ranu Sharma, director. Public Service Trust Production, producer ; UNESCO Communication and Information Sector, Programme for Creative Content, producer. UNESCO Webworld, co-producer.
Rights/Droits: UNESCO; PSBT

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