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Ombu Yo Mahungi - The Fountain of Stories. ©UNESCO 2006
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Ombu Yo Mahungi - The Fountain of Stories

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Summary/Historical Context

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This Kaoko project consists on building the content around the life history of one person, Katjira Muniombara, symbolized by his homestead or "Onganda" in Okapare. This allows us to explore the traditions, memories, relationships, ceremonies and the landscape of the Kaokoveld. The fountain stories is the linear version of the interactive pilot that is thus being developed.

This film is part of the ICT4ID* DVDThe Living Kowledge Archives: the Fountain of Stories (consult it here)


*ICT4ID is a UNESCO project that encourages the use of information and communication technologies for intercultural dialogue and to contribute to the development of communication capacities of indigenous people.

on this subject: ICT4ID: a UNESCO project for cultural diversity

Place/Country: Namibia
Type: Docufiction
Extract: 5 min. Total length:
Credits: Joëlle Chesselet, director. National Film and Video Foundation, producer ; South Africa. Dept of Art and Culture, producer. UNESCO Communication and Information Sector, co-producer ; University of Cologne, Acacia Project, co-producer.
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