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Mina's Village Says" Yes"! to Waste Management. ©ACCU 2004
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Mina's Village Says" Yes"! to Waste Management

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Summary/Historical Context

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Mina's family has a baby goat that Mina's daughter, Lin, loves very much. One day, the baby goat dies from eating a plastic bag left in the paddy field...

Some children are absent from school due to health problems caused by waste that has not been treated properly...

The villagers have a meeting to discuss what they can do to improve waste management.

The Package Learning Materials on Environment series is planned and produced by the Asia Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU). It aims to raise environment awareness.

on this subject: Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO

Place/Country: India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand
Series: Package Learning Materials on Environment
Type: Animated film
Credits: Suzuki Shinichi, author. Mina, cartoon character.
LAT, Malaysia, producer. EXA International, co-producer ; UNESCO Bangkok, co-producer ; Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU), Japan, co-producer ;
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