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People's Leadership in Post-Tsunami Recovery. ©UNDP,  Thailand 1970
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People's Leadership in Post-Tsunami Recovery

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Language(s): English, Thai

Summary/Historical Context

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FULL TITLE: People's Leadership in Post-Tsunami Recovery: Lessons from Thailand

The local communities along the Andaman coast were devastated by the December 2004 tsunami, they lost lives, properties, fishing tools, their usual activity, and even their local cultures. But they discovered that, with the help of NGOs, agencies and governments, they were able to share views, think and act together, even including the marginal sea gipses to revive the communities livelihood. The lessons served the communities across the country

Place/Country: Thailand
Type: Documentary
Credits: UNDP Thailand, producer. UNESCO, co-producer ; UN Habitat, co-producer ; Community Org. Dev. Institute, co-producer ; Chumchonthai Foundation, co-producer.

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