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Positive Life - A collection of short films on HIV and AIDS
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Positive Life - A collection of short films on HIV and AIDS

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The Global network of young TV producers on HIV and AIDS is a a project initiated by UNESCO. The Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development has been partnering in this project to build up a network in the Asia Pacific region.

As part of this project, a grup of young TV producers from national TV organizations from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mongolia, China and Vietnam were requested to produce a 5-minute film to be integrated in a collection of short films on HIV and AIDS "Positive Life".

on this subject: HIV and AIDS

Place/country: China, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam,
Type: Docufiction
Credits: Nguyen Van Anh (director), Enkhbaatar Gonchigluvsan (director), Laxman Muthathanthirige (director), Shine-Od Hasbazar (director), Pradeep Kumar Pathak (director), Azariya Behum (director), Undrahbayar Jargalsaihan (director), Saurav Dhakal (director), UNESCO New Delhi (publisher), AIBD (publisher), Young TV Producers on HIV and AIDS (publisher),
Published in: 2010

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