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Karakalpak Epic Heritage. ©UNESCO Tashkent 2011
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Karakalpak Epic Heritage
(Audio recording)

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Summary/Historical Context

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A CD is dedicated to the living musical heritage of the Karakalpak bards. It is the fruit of a fieldwork inventory conducted in 2010 under the auspices of UNESCO, in cooperation with cultural institutions from Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan. It is published within the UNESCO/Korean Project "Creative Industries Development for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions - Strengthening the sustainability of crafts industry in Uzbekistan".

The 22 songs on this CD were selected with the help of several well-known musicians, including Qarimbay Tinibaev, the famous baqsi, girdjek player and professor at the College of Arts in Nukus, the capital of Karakalpakstan.

Here above: Kelte nalish, Z. Ibragimova, voice and duwtar, trad.

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Place/country: Uzbekistan,
Type: Compilation
Extract: 2 min. Total length:
Credits: Various authors. Frédéric Léotar (publisher), UNESCO Tashkent (publisher), IFEAC (producer). Ambassade de France à Tashkent (producer).
Published in: 2011
Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 220099

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