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Confessions of a discriminated HIV positive person. ©UNESCO/Estelle Santous 2012
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Confessions of a discriminated HIV positive person

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Language(s): English

Summary/Historical Context

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Asia and the Pacific

Prejudice and discrimination directed at people living with HIV and AIDS is a worldwide phenomenon that impacts the lives of affected individuals and families. In this film a man living with HIV shares a personal testimony that describes the challenge. This movie is part of the DVD People of our Global Neighbourhood.  available here

Place/country: Maldives,
Type: Docufiction
Credits: Shafeenaz Moosa (director), UNESCO Communication and Information Sector (publisher), Young TV Producers on HIV and AIDS (publisher), southern African Broadcasting Associtation (producer). Asia Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development (producer). South East Europe News Exchange Service (producer).
Published in: 2012

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