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Faces of Dove - UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. ©UNESCO TV 2008
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Faces of Dove - UNESCO Prize for Peace Education

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Summary/Historical Context

A documentary about the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education from 1981 to 2001. It briefly introduces the following recipients of the prize:

2001: Pierre Weile France), Ms Christiana Ayoka Mary Thorpe (Sierra Leone), Middle East Children Association (Israel)
2000: Australian Peace Educator Toh Swee-Hin
1999: Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Honourable mention: Verein für Friedenspädagogik, Tübingen (Germany) 1998: Educators for Peace and Mutual Understanding (Ukraine)
Honourable mention: Fridtjof Nansen Academy (Norway), World Court Project (New Zealand), Ulpan Akiva Netanya (Israel) 1997: Francois Giraud (France)
1996: Chiara Lubich (Italy)
1995: Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (Austria)
1994: The Venerable Prayudh Payutto (Thailand)
1993: Madeleine de Vits (Belgium) and Graduate Institute of Peace Studies at Kyung Hee University (South Korea)
1992: Mother Teresa
1991: Ruth Leger Sivard (USA) / Cours Sainte Marie de Hann (Senegal)
1990: Rigoberta Menchú Tum (Guatemala) / World Order Models Project (WOMP)
1989: Dr. Robert Muller (France) / International Peace Research Association (IPRA)
1988: Frère Roger, Taizé (France)
1987: Laurence Deonna (Switzerland) / "Servicio Paz y Justicia en America Latina"
1986: Prof. Paulo Freire (Brazil)
1985: General Indar Jit Rikhye (India) / Georg-Eckert-Institut für Internationale Schulbuchforschung (Germany)
1984: IPPNW International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
1983: Pax Christi International
1982: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
1981: Helena Kekkonen (Finland) / World Organization of the Scout Movement

Type: Documentary
Credits: Jean-Michel Kuess (director), Christopher Gregory Weeramantry (participant), Emile Shoufani (participant), Bishop Nelson Onono Onweng (participant), Toh Swee-Hin (participant), Madres de Plaza de Mayo (participant), Ulpan Akiva Netanya (participant), Francois Giraud (participant), Chiara Lubich (participant), Prayudh Payutto (participant), Madeleine de Vits (participant), Mother Teresa (participant), Ruth Leger Sivard (participant), Rigoberta Menchú (participant),
UNESCO TV (publisher), Nippon Foundation (producer). UNESCO Social Sciences Sector (producer).
Published in: 2008

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