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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I consult an audiovisual element that is not available online?

You can request its publication via the «Request for availability», link that appears in the description of the material. Please note that items such as encyclopedias, full audio CDs, etc., can only be consulted in our Reading Rooms.

2. Why do you show only excerpts in some cases? Is it still possible to watch the full video?

There are several reasons for this. The first one is that the material is too long to be published entirely (i.e. 40+ minutes); therefore, we publish a sample for you to have a general idea. If you want to see the full movie you can request a Video on Demand (VOD) session and we will make it available for you. Click on the link "Request for VOD" that appears on the page of the film you are interested in to organize this.

Another reason is that in some cases copyright or ownership restrictions prevent us from publishing the full content online. In such cases we offer you a sample to help you decide if you want to see the full content (see VOD above).

Finally, the material could have also be marked as "Restricted" (see below).

3. Why is some material restricted?

An item is marked restricted when it is available for consultation in our Reading Rooms only. Please note that other type of restrictions may also apply.

4. I can see the message "Loading..." but nothing happens, why?

This problem was apparently due to incompatibility issues between Safari, Chrome or Firefox and our playlist player. It has now been solved. If you are still experiencing this situation, we suggest that you delete all cached files and update the related software in your computer.

5. The content won't play; it says "Server not found". What is wrong?

This issue affects Google Chrome.
As a work around, we would suggest doing the following:

- Verify that Chrome is up-to-date;
- If Chrome is up-to-date, try updating the Flash player.   Get the latest version here

- If the previous didn't solve the issue:

6. Where can I buy some of the material posted in here?

To buy UNESCO audiovisual material, visit the Online Bookshop

7. How can I obtain a copy (file or disc) of a UNESCO film?

To purchase UNESCO audiovisual content on CD/DVD, please visit the Online Bookshop.
If the audiovisual item you are looking for is not available there, you may wish to contact the Unit, Programme, or external partner that produced the material. That information can be found in the description page of the audiovisual element.

If the information about either the copyright owners or the producers of the content is not available, you can contact us and we'll try our best to help. Please note, however, that we cannot provide copies of our material without prior authorization by the rights owners..

8. Can I use (embed) UNESCO audiovisual material on my website?

Our audiovisual material may be embedded on a website for educational, non-commercial purposes, provided that it is accompanied by an acknowledgement of UNESCO as the source — © UNESCO. It would be greatly appreciated if UNESCO could be informed of the use made of its programmes.

To obtain the corresponding embed code, click on the link "Request for embed code" that appears in the description of the item that interest you. Please include the URL of the website of your institution in your request.

9. I would like to use some of this material in a commercial project. How do I obtain the license?

For that matter, you may wish to contact the rights holders directly.

If the rights holder is UNESCO, send your request about licensing to the Radio and TV Production unit, UNESCO Media Services. You will find contact details via the following link:
Media Contacts