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The UNESCO Multimedia Archives Services (UMAS) make available to the public video and sound material produced or sponsored by UNESCO. The collections offer a great variety of content, such documentaries, fictions, interviews, radio programmes or instructional materials, to mention but a few. The content that you can consult via this platorm relates to the history of UNESCO and to the programme activities carried out by the Organization around the world.

Addtionally, UMAS safeguard and preserve the video and sound collections of the Organization--both analogue and digital--under their custody. Finally, the services contribute to the valorization of the collections by facilitating the search, retrieval, consultation and sharing of the items regardles of your geographical location or means of access.

The team

Angelo Castillo
Multimedia specialist
Management of the Multimedia services and Platform development

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Alexandre Coutelle


With the technical advice of:
Eric Lannaud
System Engineer (IT services)


Visitor information

The Multimedia Archives are a service of the Knowledge Management and Information Systems at UNESCO (KMI/KSA)

Multimedia Archives
7, Place de Fontenoy
75352 Paris 07 SP

Telephone: + 33(0) 1 45 68 19 36
  +33(0) 1 45 68 19 49
Fax: +33(0) 1 45 68 56 17

UNESCO hq, Paris

Opening hours:
By appointment only

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Public transport
Metro line 6 (Cambronne), line 8 (Ecole Militaire), line 10 (Ségur), bus 28, 87


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